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Brno is the city of Leoš Janáček and Johann Gregor Mendel. The city of famous functionalist treasure Villa Tugendhat  (Have you read an amazing book The Glass Room? That is the place!) which is included in the prestigious UNESCO list.






jostova_ulice_kostel_sv_tomase_web_610Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and gateway to the fertile vineyards of South Moravia. Brno city blends rich history with modernity and innovation. It is a city of universities, a business hub and a great place to live, not just to visit. And we do not claim that because we live here. We just love the place, for its heart, soul and charm. Those charms may not be immediate, but spending a few days in this Moravian town and Brno’s vibrant, authentic Czech ambiance will win you over.



Brno, it’s a fine way to experience Czech life without the teeming herds of tourists that visit Prague. Art Nouveau, Empire and Neoclassical buildings stand in the bar – and restaurant – packed old city centre. Leafy parks abound, beautiful historic centre with historic sights from the 11th century, a large number of Baroque and Renaissance buildings. The dominant feature of Brno is a stone promontory called Petrov and the gothic Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul which is built on it together with Spilberg castle with simply amazing surroundings and views.



Brno offers plenty of opportunities of spending time pleasantly. You can savour the historic atmosphere of the Brno, taste the Czech beer and wine, choose from so many diverse gastronomy options, go shopping, acquaint yourself with Czech culture and enjoy the night life. Brno is a city of galleries, museums, theaters, cafés, bars, clubs, festivals and artists.


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Brno is also an important convention, entertainment, and cultural center, boasting many fine concert venues, sports halls, and racetracks, including the famous Masaryk Circuit. For those, who like nature, Brno’s dam is great place to relax by walking around or taking the boat trip.

The city is also great starting point providing opportunity to visit interesting places in the South Moravian Region, with a lot of them on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

We love Brno for its character, atmosphere and charm and we believe you will as well!


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