Ing. Eva Blahová, Ph.D. - ReproGenesis, Clinic Chief and Embryologist I am the most proud of the fact that I built ReproGenesis from the ground up. Making that happen, I was lucky to be surrounded by hard working and to the cause dedicated people. It’s not been an easy road, but our achievements, meaning being able to help many couples completing their family, that has kept me going all these years. 
I am happy and grateful I succeeded to build a top infertility treatment clinic with highly specialized team. I believe it is due to my passion for the field of Reproductive Medicine which enabled me to make ReproGenesis Assisted Reproduction Clinic one of the leading European specialist centers.


ReproGenesis is my baby. Coming to its teenager years. Love this child of mine with all my heart no matter what. And I am believer what you invest that is exactly what you get back. Specially when those adolescent years ahead. But love to perceive its achievements, abilities and all what can offer.
So to answer the question, I love all about my job. It is so many “little” jobs making this complex amazing mechanism to work. And at the end of this process there is a couple having their much desired baby. Having their world changed. Completed. You have to love all about your job once its leading to something so amazing as new life is.


We consider infertility treatment to be above all a question of trust, quality provided and satisfaction. The patient becomes a partner to us, not a member of an anonymous crowd. We focus on cultivating a positive relationship between the couple receiving the treatment and the physician, we place emphasis on empathy and understanding and we always do the most we can to minimise the natural stress connected with the treatment.
All our efforts are focused on efficient medicine, its positive outcome and a satisfied couples. We work intensively on introducing state-of-the art technologies and methods of treatment. We invest in the most modern instruments and equipment.
The satisfaction and positive references of our patients are determining for us. Each link of the Clinic’s personnel structure is a key part of the whole and has a direct share in the outcome of the treatment. We are motivated by the wish that you feel well at ReproGenesis, despite the difficulty of the stage of life which you are going through right now.
We observe uncompromisingly the requirements stipulated by law to ensure the safety of human cells and tissues and we strictly observe the rules and regulations of national and European institutions and we comply with all these necessary requirements.


Personalized treatment is our huge advantage in comparison to our competitors as we pay great attention to this. Consultations are detailed and in no hurry and we always consider each clients situation and IVF treatment history. Treatment plan is on doctors best decision. Our each team member has many years of experiences in reproductive medicine filed. That make us really good in making our clients feel safe.
IVF Specialists are both genders in order to assure individual needs to be respected. Clients are always provided with clear information of what, when and how is going to happen and who is it who is taking care of them each step of the way. 
Our success rates are consistent year on year. We always let the embryos develop until day 5 if we possibly can. We use our embryo monitoring system – the Embryoscope, to ensure that we have the information we need to select the best embryos for transfer.
We manage the most advanced donor database in the Czech Republic. We are able to locate the best match for couples who need egg, sperm or embryo donation treatment. Our donor program has enjoyed a very high success rate. Carefully choosing for the clients donors with nearly a perfect match of physical features as well as the main important characteristics. 
An IVF coordinator takes care of our patients during the entire stay of their treatment. In compare to competitors our IVF coordinator is assigned to a couple and is at clients disposal all the way throughout the process.
We are the only clinic in the Czech Republic using IMT Matcher quality management system. Matcher® is a proven electronic witnessing system combining sophisticated equipment, software, barcode labelling and imaging technology to record and double-check the identity of all materials used in every procedure throughout the treatment.
We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations that all European IVF clinics have to meet in order to ensure quality and safety of human tissue and cells. We are holders of ISO Certificate 9001:2016. We are inspected regularly by the State Institute for Drug Control in the Czech Republic in order to retain our licence to practise fertility treatment.


Using the latest methods our experienced team of embryologists manage to reach a fertilisation rate of 85 to 100%.  This is important because the creation of a greater number of embryos means that we have a bigger chance of successfully selecting suitable embryos for transfer. This also means that there might be surplus quality embryos which can be frozen and used on a subsequent transfer.

The success of the treatment relates to the egg cells quality and the woman age.
In the treatment with donated eggs we achieve a successful clinical pregnancy rate comparable to the best clinics in the Europe. In women under 40 years it is 64%, in women under 45 years 59% and in women under 49 years (woman age limit to undergo IVF treatment in the Czech Republic is exactly 48 years + 364 days) the success rate is still high, 55% .
In the infertility treatment program we successfully use a highly effective cryopreservation program by vitrification method, which is very gentle and ensures up to 99% survival of the egg cells and embryos during thawing. Only top quality embryos are included in the cryopreservation process to ensure their subsequent successful use in the treatment. The transfer rate of thawed embryos is 50%.
In the treatment with own eggs (IVF), the quality of egg cells and the age of women play a major role. There are many proofed embryological methods that can increase success, but there are always significant both, quality of egg and sperm. By saying that, a high IVF success rate can be achieved in couples with a woman's age not older than 35. In these women our clinic achieves very good success rate, 58% of clinical pregnancies.


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