Individuality is what defines ReproGenesis.   We have never intended to be one of the largest IVF clinics in the Czech Republic because we want to be able to maintain a high standard and provide the best service possible. We believe that ReproGenesis is one of the top IVF centres in Europe. Our goals are to not only continue maintaining our high standards of care and success but to better them as well.


The philosophy at ReproGenesis is simple: empathy, understanding and a strong desire to help. Former patients  vouch for the fact we do our very best to make your experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Furthermore, we were awarded by Customer Service Award 2015, 2016 by Whatclinic.com for 5 Star Treatment.  Also we were awarded with certificates of Treatment transparency  by EggDonorWorld and WhereIVF.


Our success rates are outstanding and consistent year on year.  This is a result of a great team of professionals together with an excellent equipment and technology.


We manage the most advanced donor database in the Czech Republic. We are able to locate the best match for couples who need egg, sperm or embryo donation treatment.


A personal coordinator takes care of our patients during the entire stay of their treatment. They can also help with travel issues, accommodation, orientation in the city and anything else you need.


As a bonus the clinic offers professional acupuncture before and after embryo transfer.


We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations that all European IVF clinics have to meet in order to ensure quality and safety of human tissue and cells. We are holders of ISO Certificate 9001:2008.  We are inspected regularly by the State Institute for Drug Control in the Czech Republic in order to retain our licence to practise fertility treatment.


The ReproGenesis clinic is situated in a 19th century villa with an adjacent garden in a lovely neighbourhood of Brno – Pisárky, in the immediate vicinity of Brno’s Exhibition Hall. It is easily accessible by all means of transport. Parking is available right next to clinic for all our patients.


We offer premium quality fertility treatment at prices one third lower than our competitors in other countries.