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Welcome to ReproGenesis Fertility Clinic

What’s important to us is your personal story. We will walk hand in hand with you to fulfil your dream of becoming parents.

ReproGenesis is an IVF Clinic in Brno, Czech Republic. We provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of both female and male infertility. We operate a very successful egg donation treatment program which is popular with patients who travel abroad for fertility treatment.

ReproGenesis is one of the most modern IVF clinics in the Czech Republic. We have an expert team of doctors, embryologists and nurses who have many years of experience of fertility treatment gained both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We tailor this expertise to each patient so that we use the best and most appropriate treatment to increase your chances of a successful outcome. Our high success rates for egg donation treatment and IVF treatment are proof of our commitment and dedication to each individual patient.

IVF LAW AND LEGISLATION IN CZECH REPUBLIC: IVF treatment  available only to couples not individuals, women age on the day of embryo transfer may not exceed 48 years + 364 days, infertile couple must be of different sexes, artificial insemination can not be used for sex selection, donation is anonymous.

Compared to many other countries in Europe, the Czech Republic is one of the most
affordable for fertility treatment. Many people choose the Czech Republic for their
IVF treatment abroad because of the low cost as well as the chance to
start treatment quickly.

Let ReproGenesis help you achieve your dream of being parents.


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Lower Prices

The average price of fertility treatment is significantly lower in the Czech Republic than in other countries without missing-out on quality of the treatment.

67% Success Rate

Our success rate of 67% successful pregnancies is thanks to state-of-the art-equipment and a highly experienced team of dedicated professionals. We know how to help.

No Long Waiting List

There is no  long waiting list for treatment at ReproGenesis, thanks to a highly organised team of professionals and the most advanced donor database in the Czech Republic.

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Welcome to ReproGenesis Fertility Clinic - ReproGenesis Brno

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